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Vision and Values






I will collaborate with all my constituents to maintain our close-knit small town and rural communities and quality of life

I will not accept donations from developers, political parties, or other outside sources

I will rein in County spending and debt

My door will always be open to each and every constituent and I pledge to hold open “town hall meetings” at least twice a year

I will work with our local business community to support farms and small businesses and to preserve the land and spaces that make western Loudoun a world class tourism destination

John's Bio


John and his wife Anne live in the beautiful Between the Hills valley, next to the Windchase horse farm and within hailing distance of the 868 and Breaux wineries. He is an avid Virginia Master Naturalist who enjoys deer hunting, bird-watching, hiking, canoeing, brewing beer with his home-grown hops, and trying to keep the bears from eating Anne’s chickens.


John’s father is a pastor and his mother is a teacher. He was raised to value community service. He has two talented, hardworking daughters and a smart, feisty grand-daughter.


John grew up in small towns in South Dakota and Michigan. As a teenager, he delivered newspapers by bicycle, picked grapes in Michigan’s vineyards, and worked on a Teamsters loading dock. He led extended backpacking trips in the Great Smokies and Grand Canyon. He has a life-long passion for the wilderness and open spaces.

John and Anne graduated from Carleton College in rural Minnesota. After graduating from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, John joined the U.S. diplomatic corps and became an international trade negotiator. Among other assignments, he fought to maintain U.S. agricultural producers’ access to European and Chinese markets.

John has been a tireless advocate for keeping rural Loudoun rural.

Soon after moving to Loudoun in 2015, he co-founded the citizens’ organization Save Rural Loudoun. He serves on the Board of the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, is an associate member of the Farm Bureau and has represented rural interests in dozens of meetings with County supervisors, Planning Commissioners, and staff.

John is also a member of Loudoun County’s Fiscal Impact Committee, which monitors the impact of residential and commercial development on the County’s ballooning budget.

  • Raised in a church family in rural South Dakota and Michigan

  • Outdoorsman and Master Naturalist

  • Retired international trade negotiator

  • Leader and organizer of rural advocacy efforts in Loudoun

  • Proud husband, father, and grandfather

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