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Catoctin District supervisor candidate Q&A. October 4, 2023, Blue Ridge Leader.


We need a real representative for the Catoctin District. October 4, 2023, Blue Ridge Leader, letter to the editor.

Caleb Kerschner talks the talk, but John will walk the walk. October 2, 2023, Loudoun Now, letter to the editor


Ellis, Kershner meet in Hillsboro debate. September 22, 2023, Loudoun Now.

Public officials should not profit from their votes. September 22, 2023, Loudoun Times-Mirror, letter to the editor.


Kershner, Ellis focus on preserving "rural character." September 21, 2023, Loudoun Times-Mirror.


Kershner Planning Commissioner conduct questioned. September 19, 2023, Lodoun Now, letter to the editor.


Loudoun Chamber Hosts Candidate Forum, Publishes BizVotes Questionnaire.  September 8, 2023, Loudoun Now.


Biz Votes 2023: Loudoun Chamber Election Education Campaign. State and local candidates’ responses to Chamber questions. September 7 2023, Loudoun Chamber of Commerce.

Green: Where do the Catoctin District candidates stand on two important issues? Ellis’s and his opponent’s responsiveness to citizen concerns contrast profoundly. September 6, 2023, Blue Ridge Leader, letter to the editor.


Ellis: Voters’ choice: Who will stand up for Western Loudoun? September 6, 2023, Blue Ridge Leader. Candidates’ position exchange.


McCliggott: Why the persistent gap between what Loudouners want and what Loudoun government delivers? September 5, 2023, Loudoun Now, letter to the editor.


Ellis: Zoning ordinance permits too much development in western Loudoun. August 24, Loudoun Times-Mirror, letter to the editor.

LCBOS candidates discuss issues facing rural Loudoun. August 16, Loudoun Times-Mirror.

Loudoun Supervisor Candidates Meet in 2023's First Forum. August 11, Loudoun Now.

Loudoun Equine Alliance and Farm Bureau sponsor candidate forum. August 9, 2023. Video excerpt from the forum.

Stop approving new development. August 1, 2023. Blue Ridge Leader, letter to the editor, page 6.

Economist, Rural Advocate Ellis Runs for Supervisor on Slowing Development, "Political Courage." July 27, 2023. Loudoun Now.

Planning Commission Delays Vote on Prime Soils Ordinance. July 19, 2023. Loudoun Times-Mirror. Ellis urges Commissioners to maximize protection of farmland for future generations.

John Ellis Announces Candidacy for Catoctin District Supervisor. March 28, 2023. Blue Ridge Leader.

Ellis Announces Independent Campaign for Catoctin Supervisor. March 20, 2023. Loudoun Now.

Should Loudoun continue to allow more than twice as much new residential development in its rural areas as is allowed in neighboring Clarke, Fauquier and Prince William counties? May 6, 2021. Letter to the editor, Loudoun Now.

Ellis: The gap between intentions and reality with Loudoun County's rural policies. August 15, 2020. Community Views Op Ed, Loudoun Times-Mirror.


Ellis: What are we doing to preserve Loudoun’s farmland? Nothing, actually. September 17, 2019. Community View Op Ed, Loudoun Times-Mirror.


“Those who want to keep the pedal to the metal on the county’s breakneck growth rates say that current zoning rules adequately protect Loudoun’s rural areas from excessive development. But as more rural land vanishes every day…” May 31, 2019. Op Ed, Loudoun Now.

John Ellis Announces Candidacy for Catoctin District Supervisor

John Ellis has announced he is running as an Independent candidate for the 2023 election of County Supervisor for the Catoctin District.


Ellis is widely respected as a tenacious advocate for preserving the unique characteristics and charm of western Loudoun’s small towns, villages, and rural countryside. He is a member of the Loudoun Farm Bureau, serves on the board of the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, and is a member of the County’s Fiscal Impact Committee...

Ellis Announces Independent Campaign for Catoctin Supervisor

Conservationist John Ellis on Monday officially announced his campaign as an independent for the Catoctin District seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

“I’m running for Catoctin supervisor because I love western Loudoun and want to make sure it remains as wonderful for our kids as it is for us today,” Ellis stated in a press release announcing his campaign. “We need more than lip service to address the intense development pressures, increasing traffic congestion, rising property assessments, growing water scarcity, and ballooning county spending. Time is short. We can and must do better.” 

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